Abhinav Chhikara

I'm a product designer specializing in mobile UI/UX and growth. Currently building @LisnApp, and was previously designing experiences at @Housing.

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Lisn App

CEO / Product design

Music + chat with friends, real-time. Featured on TechCrunch, growing organically week over week.

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Mobile UI/UX Design

Built interactive prototypes and concepts at Housing Labs. Led design on a new generation rental product to help people find an apartment.

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Bucky App

UI/UX Design

Bucky is a friendly, personal finances chatbot that helps you understand how you spend your money. Shelved side project.

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Android, Web UI/UX Design

Yelo is a local chat app that lets you find services and receive recommendations from your community. Acquired by Jugnoo in 2015.

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We built an app to listen to music with friends.

The story of Lisn so far and how we went from idea to a trending ProductHunt launch, with coverage on TechCrunch, WIRED and more. Our story of idea to launch to the masses — and beyond.✨

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The Hackathon Approach to Building Digital Products

Hackathons can be a great way to impose constraints to increase creativity, as well as prototype core experiences of your app to validate before you build it further.

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The Designer's Guide to Prototyping in Principle

When I first heard of Principle I was hesitant to try it out, but it soon became one of the most powerful tools in my arsenal. One of my more popular articles, with over 40k views.

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What tools do I need for motion design in UI?

As of a couple years ago, After Effects was one of most popular tools to make animations for UI design. However, for designers looking to add motion to their workflow, here's why new age prototyping tools might be a better option.

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