Hi, my name is Abhinav Chhikara.

I'm a UI/UX designer and I create functional and beautiful interfaces for mobile and web. In the past I've worked with startups around the world to bring clarity to their vision to create great products that people love to use.



Mobile UI/UX Design

Building interactive prototypes and concepts at Housing Labs. Currently working on the next generation of rental products to help people find an apartment.

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UI/UX Design

Listen to music with your friends, real-time. Currently in development.

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Bucky App

UI/UX Design

Bucky is a friendly, personal finances bot that helps you understand how you spend your money. Currently in Beta.

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Android, Web UI/UX Design

Yelo is a local chat app that lets you find services and receive recommendations from your community. Acquired by Jugnoo in 2015.

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The Hackathon Approach to Building Digital Products

Hackathons can be a great way to impose constraints to increase creativity, as well as prototype core experiences of your app to validate before you build it further. Here's how it worked for us with Duce.fm

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Are you a startup looking for a April Fools prank?

April's coming up. Blogs are going to be thirsty for 'This Startup's Prank Is Giving Us #PrankGoals' articles. Hire me to design an elaborate fake feature for your startup.

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