Hey there! I'm Abhinav and I design pranks and gags.

I'm a UI/UX err.. Pranks and Gags designer and I design fun, foolhardy, yet genuinely real looking pranks for startups. In the past I've worked with startup teams around the world to take time off shipping actual features and create something that will be picked up by the press and tweeted about.

If you'd like to work together, get in touch with me. Twitter.



Sharing economy for toilets

Have you ever wanted to pee in a stanger's toilet, half way across the world? Of course you have! Coming soon as a new app on iOS. As you can clearly see, we designed our logo specifically for this.

Let me pee →

I'm Drunk by Uber

It's like your car keys, but we provide the car.

No more fumbling around with your phone when you're turnt up, just press a button and our GPS and WiFi connected keys get you a car. On demand gets a lot more easier.

Dude how do I get one →


Suricata suricatta

The meerkat is a small carnivoran belonging to the mongoose family. It is the only member of the genus Suricata.

Wow download now →

Offline Selfies by Snapchat

Our most teenage feature yet

You know how you're setting your makeup and taking a selfie but your damn phone won't connect to the WiFi? Our new feature turns down your phone's brightness so you can look at your reflection instead.

Noice, let's update →

Clash of Clans 3310

We takin' it old school

Is your lack of a smartphone preventing you from spending all of your free time building a medieval castle, training your army and looting surrounding kingdoms? Here's your solution. Also comes with in-game Nokia 3310 Tower Defense Booster Pack.

W00t w00t let's go →


Send a yo to your friends

Yo is a one-tap notification app that sends a one-word message to your friends. Want to tell someone something? Just yo. What could be more perfect?

Yo →